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What is 9.12 United?

I started 9.12 United with the idea that we as Americans could once again live united as one just like we did days after the 9.11 attacks. Shortly after I focused my efforts on running for Congress, trying to do everything in my power to try and help achieve these goals as a country. After having to drop out, I felt as if that dream of unity was dead…until patriots like you came back and gave me the support to show me that that dream was not dead. So now, I’m bringing 9.12 United back and to show my appreciation, I’m giving back to you! Let’s continue to live like it’s 9.12!

-Graham Allen

Watch & Listen

Dear America is back! And this time we are telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth….But I had to partner with an organization that believes in the same things we do, that won’t sensor or cancel us.That’s why Dear America will now be exclusively live streamed on Rumble Mon-Thurs @ 8am EST. Follow me and let’s build America back together.